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Every Wealth Builder needs a Trust.

Service List

Family/Business Trust

For a family or business trust at $1,400($US) per trust, for each one, (not for both)

Land/Charitable Trust

For a Land Trust or a Charitable Trust, the cost is $1,750 (USD) per trust. This price applies to each individual trust, not both combined.

Documents and Bank Account

Trust document leverage and/or creating a trust bank account in the USA or internationally is a separate fee of $350 (USD) or $500 (USD), (depending on the location)

Adding Assets

All large assets are $300 each per item if you want us to guide you in properly adding them to the trust.

What are the requirements?


You are the creator, the grantor, and the trustee of your trust. The successor trustee should be a blood relative, a spouse, a child, an estate lawyer, or any trusted entity or person that you choose. Choose carefully, as they will have immense power over your trust, including the trust bank account and other assets.

• You must have a clear understanding of the kind of trust you need (family, land, etc…)

• You’ll need an EIN letter for each new Trust. This is done once you receive your Trust.

• The Trust documents will be mailed to you via USPS Priority Mail to the address you provided in the application you completed in “Step 1. (for exisitng applicants only)

(If you want us to complete this EIN letter process for you, there is an additional fee of $275.00 for U.S. entity owners (with a U.S. Social Security Number and U.S. Photo ID) or $575.00 for international entity owners (with a Photo ID).)


Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Business Wealth Builders, we guarantee your satisfaction with our trust forming services. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll work to make it right. Your peace of mind and financial security are our top priorities. Trust us to help you build and protect your wealth.

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Pay in Installments

We offer installment opportunities to eligible clients who need to pay for serives over an extended period. (Offer not valid on all services)

Secure Services

Our digital and technological bandwidth is wide and sturdy. We securely store and organize your financial assets meticulously to mitgate fraud and data exposure.

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We provide a seamless online payment experience for our clients. Click the “Make a Payment” button, and be sure to read instructions carefully so that your transaction is not flawed. Refunds for Trust Services require an investigation.

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